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I was nominated for best actress in a short at Filmquest 2021. The script also won a prize.

PittsburghShorts2019_Laurel_Set_Script C

I wrote and acted in this
Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 1.24.22 AM.png

"Caroline Bloom and Moe Irvin deliver strong and well nuanced performances and together invite us to witness an intimate moment between two people who share a passion for music and the pain of personal failures and dreams unrealized.  In a quiet piece like this, the performances of the actors are critical and Bloom and Irvin are up to the task.  Director Barbara Stepansky's casting and direction are spot on and Bloom, who also wrote the script, along with Irvin help make Da Capo emotionally engaging from beginning to end."
Paul Sloop, Film Programmer, 
Cleveland International Film Festival

Performed a lead role in Respawn's 
Medal of Honor, now avail on Oculus

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