Sketch - channel 101 - Improv - parody

Hallmark christmas Movie
in 3 Minutes

Written by Ben Rosen & Mary-Charlotte Borgen.

Prod. by Mike Ponterotto


Tess Broadway

Can Tess break prejudiced stereotypes of actresses in her audition?

Written/Dir. by Stacee White

French Tutor

Written/Dir. by Caroline Bloom

1 of 10 selected comedy shorts for iO West's 2014 Scripted Comedy Festival 

Media (from "Scramblings")

Written/Dir. by Ben Levin & Jonathan Hinman

The Perfect Card
(from "Scramblings")

Written/Dir. by Ben Levin & Jonathan Hinman

Where do I know
this dead body from?

By Ben Rosen & Mike Ponterotto. Shot by Bret Watkins 


Channel 101 Pilots

4 Ways to Break up with Your Girlfriend

 Sasquatch Comedy

(Danny Jolles, Zach Webber, Jack Quaid, Nick Williams) Dir. by Geoff Plitt


Friends: The Next Generation

Written/Dir. by Mike Ponterotto & Ben Rosen


Written/Dir. by Mike Ponterotto

& Ben Rosen

Love Slave of the Sea Creature

Written/Dir. by Mike Ponterotto, created by us.

Ft.  John Fulton, Bret Green, and Drue Schaeffer Crookston.


My Girlfriend's Husband

Written/Dir. by Rachelle Williams

Ft. Nathan Graham-Smith, Jacob DeMonte-Finn.


Edwin Booth

Written/Dir. by Rachelle WIlliams, Mike Ponterotto & Ben Rosen

Car-Jumper, ep. 9

Written/Dir. by David Seger


6 Degrees, ep. 6

Written/Dir. by Jennifer Ruiz


Parole Officer 

Dir./Shot by St. John Smith

The In Crowd

Written by Gabriela Marcus

Filmed at Youtube Space, LA,

Lift Man

By Ben Saltzman. With Andrews Landsman. 


Dir. by Brett Marshall

GyLOL Youtube Channel

Frisbee Break-up

Dir./Shot by Bryan Dechart. w Ben Levin

Conversion (from "Scramblings")

Written/Dir. by Ben Levin & Jonathan Hinman

White Girls React to
Rachel Dolezal

 Bowling For Tiffany 

Dir. by Riley Rose Critchlow


Women of Wall Street
Parody Trailer

As Jonah Hill. Dir. by Nicole Donadio

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